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Building Works is one of the industry leaders in building envelope design, construction, diagnosing, and treating the cause of failures in Calgary. Our expertise and professionalism resides with our diverse team of construction trade specialists who have a direct knowledge of the issues involved with providing a functional and durable building envelope. Building Works provides a complete end-to-end solution for remediation and restoration of Commercial, Industrial and Residential buildings that have been subject to building envelope and structural failures due to:

  • Life span of building systems
  • Poor quality construction
  • Acute and chronic failures

We assess and identify the root cause of your building envelope problems, and provide the right solutions to ensure your investment will be protected.

What is a Building Envelope?

A building envelope consists of the outside ‘skin’ of the building. This includes exterior wall finishes, windows, doors, architectural features, structural components of the outside walls, insulation, and the drywall on the inside face of outside walls. It also includes the roof, flashings, waterproof membranes on balconies, and foundation and parkade structures.


Types of Failures:

  • Water Ingress, due to lack of maintenance
  • Water Ingress, due to balcony waterproof membrane failures
  • Water Ingress, due to concrete slab waterproof membrane failures
  • Water Ingress, due to poor detailing of window and door openings
  • Poor or incorrect installation of exterior building paper
  • Poor detailing of flashings Poor detailing of interfaces between different cladding materials
  • Condensation build-up due to lack of adequate ventilation in attics and roof spaces, causing mold growth, which in turn rots structural components and also causes respiratory problems


Water Damage Repair

  • Water Ingress Detection
  • Mold Remediation
  • Containment and Demolition
  • Dry-Out Services / Dehumidification
  • Air Scrubbing

Building Restoration

  • Major Repairs
  • Rebuilding Granite / Marble / Brick Façade Restoration
  • Rain Screen Systems
  • Window / Doors / Railings / Deck Replacements
  • Waterproof Membrane Replacement and Repairs
  • Building Code Upgrades